Discover the philosophy behind our balanced ingredients, the history behind the haute cuisine ‘Kaiseki’ and how we preserve balance, taste, texture, colour and appearance throughout the journey.


Kaiseki represents the absolute pinnacle of Japanese haute cuisine and counts among the world’s finest food experiences. With a rich history dating back 600 years, this celebrated culinary art form derives from the ceremonial cooking practices of Zen monasteries, later adapted within the rarefied environment of the Japanese imperial court. Guided by a formal, multi-course structure, within which chefs may improvise according to their own creative passions and to reflect the change of seasons, Kaiseki emphasises the honest, authentic flavours of the finest natural ingredients.

The cultivation of a holistic dining experience is central to Kaiseki tradition, with practitioners striving for excellence with every detail. From the meticulously prepared menu to its artful presentation – including exquisite edible garnishes designed to resemble flora and fauna and an array of beautifully curated tableware – every facet of the meal is carefully considered to balance taste, texture, colour and appearance. While Kaiseki might have once been experienced beside a traditional Japanese courtyard, contemporary Kaiseki restaurants are often private spaces hidden below ground or on the upper floors of Tokyo high rises. These intimate dining rooms offer an exclusive environment where a master chef can commune with tradition for a meal of astonishing beauty, intricacy and panache.

Now, Australian diners can experience the fine art of Kaiseki with the opening of Ishizuka. An eponymous 16-seat restaurant within a subterranean space on Melbourne’s Bourke Street. The nightly set menu of up to 11 courses is informed by the Japanese philosophy that a chef should not overwhelm the original flavour of fresh ingredients, instead opening them up with minimal seasoning.

Ishizuka’s culinary signatures reflect the Kaga Kaiseki style, distinguished by a simmered course of Kamo Jibuni duck breast, in addition to traditional Kaiseki courses such as the amuse bouche (Sakizuke), seasonal delicacies (Zensai), soup (Osuimono), grilled courses and dessert, all designed to complement sake and a premium selection of wines.

Reflecting the expert preparation and superb presentation that defines Kaiseki cuisine, as well as its sensitivity to the nuances of fresh, natural produce, Ishizuka’s innovative fare invites diners on a culinary odyssey that is at once rooted in formality and tradition, while offering an exhilarating contemporary dining experience.